Jobs & Economic Development

Supervisor Boddye is working with business leaders, residents and the Economic Development Department to craft policies that can diversify the commercial base, bringing new employment options to the County and increasing economic opportunity. He is also dedicated to investing in the kinds of amenities, infrastructure and quality of life improvements desired by large employers.

Transportation & Mobility

Supervisor Boddye  is working closely with transit authorities, state legislators, and transportation agencies to improve mobility throughout the county. By improving coordination between rush hour bus service and school bus routes — and increasing transit options with an extensive cross-county bus system — we will make commutes easier, and make communities more walkable and bikeable.

Land Use & Housing

Our land use policies are the foundation from which the community is built, impacting everything from neighborhood walkability to affordable housing. Supervisor Boddye will emphasize “Smart Growth” mixed-use development, with a focus on revitalizing existing commercial and community centers rather than razing land to create new ones.

Animal Shelter Project

The Board has reaffirmed its commitment to building the “Option C” version of the animal shelter, approved in 2017 and delayed by issues in the design process and construction bids that would bring the project over the budgeted $15.1M. A recently completed value engineering process would scale back some features, but allow construction to commence this year.  More…