Environment & Energy

After months of work with community members and organizations dedicated to fighting climate change,  Supervisor Boddye successfully introduced Prince William County’s first legislation to comprehensively address this issue, with passage of the Regional Climate Mitigation & Resiliency Resolution. Goals include making the county fossil fuel-free by 2035. It creates a framework for Prince William to create its own path to protecting the public, environmental and economic health of our community for generations to come–by making better choices today.

Supervisor Boddye’s recognizes that our land-use policies and environmental outcomes are inextricably linked. He is committed to a renewed focus on mixed use development and walkable communities, as well a move to redevelop existing shopping centers rather than razing land to create new ones. This will work in concert with policies to preserve the green spaces, natural resources and historic treasures of the county, as we also expand the number of publicly-accessible trails and green ways.

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