Developing the budget is one of the most critical, and complex, duties with which the Board of County Supervisors is tasked. This process is a delicate balance between investing in the services that enhance our community and while also not overburdening the taxpayers of Prince William. It always involves tough choices. That was truer than ever this year, as the financial realities of the COVID-19 took hold.

County staff has worked tirelessly budget for the increased need for safety net services brought about by the pandemic, even as revenue projections drop. The over $40M in budget cuts include eliminating a planned 3% merit increase for County staff, pausing most Capital Improvement Program projects and initiating a hiring freeze. While not the ambitious budget proposed in February, the budget that passed on April 28 contains a mix of strategic cuts and investments that will help our community weather this storm, together. Read Supervisor Boddye’s statement on the FY 2021 Budget, and view posts from throughout the process below.

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