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Prince William Gives Labor a Seat at the Table

Three years ago, I stood in a room full of folks who sought an end to Virginia’s “right to work” law, which banned workers from unionizing and in other ways […]

Board Makes Progress on Collective Bargaining & Approves Quartz Rezoning

This week’s Board agenda had two big-ticket items: Collective Bargaining and the Quartz District application. Collective Bargaining: Employees to Get a Seat at the Table This was the final work […]

Tolling and HOV Rules to Begin Saturday, Sept. 24 on New 66 Express Lanes Western Section

Solo drivers will need to pay a toll to access nine-mile Express Lanes segment from Gainesville to Route 28 in Centreville; HOV-2+ can travel toll-free with an E-ZPass Flex The […]

Updated COVID Boosters Now Available in Prince William County

Eligible Virginia residents can now schedule appointments with their healthcare providers to receive the new COVID-19 bivalent booster vaccinations, at no charge. These updated boosters, manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech and Modernaare, […]

At High Risk for Monkeypox? Let PW Health District Know

The Prince William Health District (PWHD), as part of the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), is working with other local public health agencies to respond to the current outbreak of […]

OmniRide Invites Public Input on Proposed Route Changes

PRTC has scheduled a series of public hearings to discuss proposed changes to multiple OmniRide public transportation routes, that would support the opening of the I-66 Express Lanes, expand service […]

Vandalism Causes Sewer Overflow on Granada Way

From PWCSA: The Prince William County Service Authority responded to a Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) on Tuesday, August 9, 2022. The SSO, caused by vandalism, began at a manhole in [...]

Housing Profiles: Tenant-Owned Affordable Housing in DC Secures $30M in Financing

This Housing Profile, excerpted from the Commercial Observer, highlights a public-private partnership that is in part made possible by a jurisdiction’s commitment to  funding the production of quality, affordable housing. […]

Prince William County Adds First All-Electric Vehicle to Its Fleet

The Prince William County Department of Facilities and Fleet Management recently acquired its first all-electric vehicle (EV), a Chevrolet Bolt, with plans to have 80 all-electric, plug-in-hybrid or hybrid vehicles […]

Bond Issuance Will Enable VRE to Contribute Millions to Transforming Rail in Virginia

 The Virginia Railway Express (VRE), having successfully closed a public bond sale on June 28, will make a significant financial contribution to the Transforming Rail in Virginia (TRV) program. The […]