Prince William County Celebrates 2,000 Small Business Project Management Program “Graduates”

Prince William County Celebrates 2,000 Small Business Project Management Program “Graduates”

Prince William County Department of Development Services is celebrating its Small Business Project Management Program, a Board of County Supervisors initiative to support small business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs, which has surpassed 2,000 customers, marking an important milestone for the program.

This significant milestone represents the customers’ journey and a defining moment of success in their own accomplishments. Owning a business, from healthcare and professional services to restaurants and specialty retail stores, is ‘big business’ no matter how large or small.

The Small Business Project Management (SBPM) Program was launched in October 2018 and is an invaluable initiative for entrepreneurs and a worthwhile endeavor for the business community at-large, neighboring residents, and visitors, alike. The Program supports and guides customers on commercial real estate projects, business use types, building permits through to the final inspection, so that they can ‘Open for Business’ as quickly as possible.

“The pioneering spirit of entrepreneurship, building customer relationships, and working together are key to the success of the program,” said Mandi Spina, acting director, Department of Development Services. “Our team of experts deliver customer services that are tailored to the customers’ project needs, create high- and long-lasting value, and provide a wealth of knowledge to navigate all the regulations, nodes of work, and sourcing it takes to stand up and open a business.”

In addition, the Program supported 45 customers ‘Open for Business’ in August, which is the highest monthly volume on record for August, since the program was launched five years ago.

Over two hundred and twenty-eight businesses have opened in 2023, to date.

“We recognize real estate decisions are critical in business and the financial commitment it takes to get into commercial real estate can be monumental.” added Spina. “We encourage everyone that dreams of becoming self-employed to have a free professional consultation.”

Find out how to start here, or for more information call (703) 792-6930 or email