Skip the Landfill Trip: Dumpster Day April 1

Skip the Landfill Trip: Dumpster Day April 1

Just in time for spring cleaning, Occoquan District Supervisor Kenny Boddye and the Prince William County Department of Public Works invite area residents to skip the landfill trip during Dumpster Day, April 1, from 10 am to 1 pm at Bethel United Methodist Church, 13506 Minnieville Road.

Through Dumpster Day program, the County makes it easier to dispose of trash and unwanted household items such as furniture and old appliances by bringing dumpsters to each magisterial district for one day. For help planning a neighborhood cleanup in conjunction with the event contact Keep Prince William Beautiful at 571-285-3772. This nonprofit can provide supplies and guidance and post a call for volunteers

Public Works is unable to accept hazardous waste during the event, to include fuel tanks or drums, motor oil, paint thinners, antifreeze and pool chemicals. Electronics and construction materials must also be brought to the landfill, as they cannot be accepted during Dumpster Day. Appliances must be cleaned and emptied, including removing any trays and racks, and taped shut.

“We hope that Occoquan District residents take advantage of this opportunity to conveniently dispose of items that might have been cluttering their home or yard, or even to organize a neighborhood cleanup knowing they won’t have to travel to the landfill afterwards,” said Supervisor Boddye. “For items that are ‘too good to toss,’ consider making your next stop 2nd Avenue Thrift Store, which is located directly across Smoketown from Dumpster Day and donates part of its proceeds to charities such as the American Red Cross and Purple Heart Foundation.”

For more information on how to properly recycle and dispose of items in Prince William, call 703-792-5750 or visit