CPA Authorizes Analysis of “Hoadly Square” in Mid-County

CPA Authorizes Analysis of “Hoadly Square” in Mid-County

Hoadly Square illustrative aerial

On May 14, 2024, I voted in favor of initiating the Comprehensive Plan Amendment for Hoadly Square, a proposed infill housing community in Mid-County, adjacent to the Shops at County Center, Dar al Noor, and Bren Forest. A CPA begins an exploratory phase that will provide the Planning Commission and BOCS with the necessary data to make informed decisions on what should come next for the land that was Criswood Farms.

Importantly, by clustering development close to the existing road network and commercial development, this proposal would result in more open space than the current Comp Plan designation of single-family, 5-acre lots while also creating much-needed mid-range housing near local employment centers. This configuration would also preserve the opportunity for a conservation easement and public, passive-use access to the natural beauty of the property — outcomes that would be far more difficult to achieve if the land is largely owned by individual residents.

The Hoadly Square proposal also presents the possibility of a walkable, transit-oriented community adjacent to shops and dining and within 1 mile of County employment centers for police officers, firefighters, and other civil servants in Prince William County. In the near future, a planned Galveston OmniRide transit hub will also connect this area to the County Complex, VRE, Chinn and Dale City recreation centers, Potomac Mills, and other community amenities. 

I have been encouraged by the applicant’s responsiveness to my requests for project improvements and to early feedback from community members and County staff, resulting in:

  • Reductions to density
  • Stricter protections (or complete avoidance of disturbance) near resource protection areas
  • Increases to open space and buffer allocations
  • Working with our Department of Transportation in an effort to mitigate existing traffic and parking concerns 

I very much value and understand the concerns I have been hearing from neighboring residents. At the same time, it is my responsibility to balance the needs of all Occoquan District constituents and the future of our community as a whole.  I look forward to our continued collaboration with community stakeholders to strike that balance, ensuring that should the project come to fruition, it does so as a net positive for all who call Prince William County home. Please stay tuned for a community discussion that I will host this summer. Details to follow