Help Small Businesses Weather COVID – Volunteers Needed

Help Small Businesses Weather COVID – Volunteers Needed

woman on phone in front of computer

woman on phone in front of computerMany local businesses are still struggling from the impact of COVID-19, but may not be aware of programs that could help them weather the storm. The county’s Department of Economic Development is looking for volunteers to serve as ambassadors to the business community, connecting them with resources such as small business grants and free consultations. No experience is necessary to help the local business community in this way.

Over the next 10 weeks, broken into two-week “blitzes,” these ambassadors will reach out to Prince William County business owners by phone for direct, one-on-one conversations. Volunteers¬† are also needed to confirm the businesses’ contact details and to communicate the programs and resources that are available for COVID-19 related challenges.

Ambassadors are asked to:

  • Volunteer two to four hours per week as a volunteer for the next eight to 12 weeks.
  • Call Prince William County businesses.
  • Speak with owners/decision makers in the course of their day-to-day business. (Must follow COVID-19 safety guidelines.)
  • Complete an online form for each conversation.
  • Provide information (links to grants, PPE and other resources).
  • Inquire about needs of individual businesses.

Participants commit to one two-week blitz at a time and accrue points for making calls and speaking to local businesses. At the end of each two-week blitz, Economic Development will tally points and award cash prizes to ambassadors. If you would like to participate, contact Stacie Henn at or 703-792-5577.