Landfill & Compost Facility Resume Sunday Operations

Landfill & Compost Facility Resume Sunday Operations

Purple and blue recycling bins prince william county

County announces that Solid Waste facilities will resume Sunday service with precautions

Purple and blue recycling bins prince william countyBeginning Sunday, October 11, the Prince William County Landfill and the Balls Ford Road Compost Facility will resume Sunday service, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. COVID -19 precautions such as social distancing and face masks are required for staff and residents.

Both locations will accept regular household trash, recycling, yard waste, household batteries, lead-acid batteries, used motor oil and antifreeze. Bulk waste such as furniture, mattresses, and construction debris must be taken to the landfill. Recycling bins at both facilities are limited to the collection of steel and aluminum cans, plastic bottles, jugs, and jars (#1 and #2), paper and cardboard. Glass bottles and jars can also be recycled in designated purple bins, and should not be mixed in with other recycling. Do not place plastic bags in recycling containers; plastic shopping bags can be recycled at most grocery stores and retailers such as Target and Walmart.

In March 2019, Prince William County changed its recycling guidelines, and now the only plastic it recycles are #1 and #2 bottles, jugs and jars. Plastics items numbered #3-7 are no longer recycled here, and should be placed in the trash. Consider avoiding products with this packaging to help reduce landfill waste.

For additional information on how to dispose of or recycle items in Prince William County and COVID-19 guidelines at Solid Waste facilities, please visit