May 14 BOCS Recap: Progress on Infrastructure, Early Voting, Sustainability & More

May 14 BOCS Recap: Progress on Infrastructure, Early Voting, Sustainability & More

Illustrative map of the planned 95 123 interchange improvements in Woodbridge Virginia

The May 14, 2024 Board of County Supervisors meeting brought progress on transformative infrastructure projects, reduced barriers to early voting, and took initial steps to enshrine sustainability measures into the planning process. Additionally, I directed staff to create a path for removing data centers from the County’s Targeted Industries List, while studying and expanding the types of businesses we incentivize. Emerging sectors like renewable energy and drone manufacturing deserve our attention. At the same time, Data Centers no longer need the red carpet treatment to build and expand in Prince William County. Highlights of actions I took that day include:

  • Endorsed the final design for the Prince William Parkway at Old Bridge Road Intersection Realignment Project, which will realign the Parkway to form a T-intersection with Old Bridge. With fewer signal phases and additional lanes, the new design will reduce the overall red-light time. It will also improve safety for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians alike, with an additional travel lane moving southbound on the Parkway and enhanced pedestrian and bike facilities.

Between the first Public Information Meeting in May 2023 and now, my office has worked with community members and our Department of Transportation to make significant improvements to the project. These include more robust bike/ped infrastructure and improved business access through the addition of:

    • Left-turn access to the Glen Office Building
    • Turn lanes at the Merchant Plaza Intersection at Old Bridge Road
    • Left-turn access from Touchstone Circle to the Lake Ridge Auto Care and Exxon 
  • Ratified grant application submission to the Fiscal Year 2025–2026 Multimodal Project Discretionary Grant Program for Federal funding for The Old Bridge Road – Gordon Boulevard Intersection Improvement Project. This is another project where dialogue between community members, my office, and PWC Department of Transportation worked to improve the alignment and reduce business and neighborhood impacts of a vital intersection improvement. Now, it is time to seek funding to bring much-needed congestion relief that will also improve safety and walkability. 
  • Awarded the Summit School Road Extension and Telegraph Road Widening Project and the Horner Road Park and Ride Lot Expansion Project construction contracts to Sagres Construction Corporation. Ensuring that transportation infrastructure keeps up with current and anticipated growth is good for the environment, commerce, and our collective sanity. This series of projects allows us to do just that, while also creating the right kind of environment for the 14th High School and a new Transit Center at the Park & Ride.
  • Expanded early voting access. For the last two years, I’ve advocated for these changes to establish more consistency and convenience for Prince William voters. In updating the Early Voting Satellite Ordinance, beginning with the 2024 General Election, the County will:
    • Expand its satellite locations from three sites to five, to include the Woodbridge DMV, for all elections
    • Uses the same locations for all countywide elections, adjusts the start date for satellite locations based on the election type, and codifies early voting satellite locations for special elections. At my request, the registrar will also pilot additional evening early voting hours to accommodate commuters. 
  • Initiated the Comprehensive Plan Amendment for the proposed Hoadly Square project. This early step in the land use process directs county staff to look at potential project impacts to the environment, traffic, schools, etc., working with the developer on mitigation strategies and providing Planning Commissioners and Supervisors with the necessary data to make informed decisions. 

In clustering homes close to the existing road network and commercial development, the Hoadly Square proposal would protect significantly more open space than the by-right use of single-family, 5-acre lots and preserve the ability to create a conservation easement and public, passive-use access to natural areas. The developer has already made several significant concessions in light of community feedback relayed by my office, reducing density, increasing buffers, and strengthening protections in Resource Protection Areas. I am committed to further refining the project based on continued dialogue with community members and staff and will host a town hall on the project this summer. 

The CPA initiation gave the following guidance to staff:

    • Provide a minimum of 60% open space within areas currently designated as ORPA; 60% of this must be undisturbed open space.
    • Encourage the preservation of a natural buffer or existing woodland or forestation area of at least 50 feet along each side of all significant non-RPA streams. 
    • Commit to additional measures to improve water quality in the Occoquan Watershed during the construction and operation phases, such as manufacturing treatment devices, limiting nutrient credit use, and enhanced erosion and sediment controls.
  • Authorized 13505 Telegraph Road Land Purchase, providing the County greater control over the future of The Landing Small Area Plan. This parcel – located directly adjacent to one of the largest commuter lots in the county, with direct access to I-95 and HOT lanes, and in the heart of The Landing Small Area Plan – is a strategic investment in realizing the plan’s potential to create a vibrant walkable, transit-oriented community nestled in the Healthcare Hub between Opitz and Minnieville roads. It is the identified site for a proposed Indoor Sports & Events Center currently under review. 
  • Reviewed findings on the proposed Indoor Sports and Events Center. Staff and consultants presented the Board with economic impact, project feasibility, and community sentiment findings. A robust discussion on the possible pros and cons of the project, along with ideas for securing outside funding, followed. I successfully advocated for purchasing the proposed project site, a strategic investment regardless of the project status. The Board will hold a work session on the operational and fiscal aspects in July, and a public hearing in September.
  • Initiated a Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Integrate Sustainability and Resilience and Recommendations from the Community Energy and Sustainability Master Plan (CESMP) into the Comprehensive Plan. When I authored the county’s Climate Mitigation and Resiliency Goals in 2020, I insisted that the implementation of the goals – alongside equity and environmental justice – be woven into the entirety of the County’s Comprehensive Plan. This CPA will make good on that commitment.
  • Deferred Supervisor Weir’s Zoning Text Amendment on the Data Center Opportunity Zone Overlay District. Following a briefing on the overlay and in-progress efforts to address data center impacts, we chose to defer action until a future meeting, likely in June, allowing time for additional analysis. Chair Jefferson directed staff to include the overlay boundaries in the comprehensive review of the overlay already underway and to prioritize adjustments that will better protect residents from data center impacts. I supported this directive wholeheartedly.

Footage of the full meeting and the agenda with supporting documentation are both available on the County website.