Options for Reporting Crimes & Suspicious  Activity

Options for Reporting Crimes & Suspicious  Activity


There are a number of ways to contact the Prince William County Police Department, depending on variables such as whether you are reporting an emergency, seek parking enforcement, wish to submit an anonymous tip, or are just seeking information. By Phone:

  • Emergencies: 911 (Police Department)
  • Non-emergency: 703-792-6500 (Communications Call Center)
  • Parking Enforcement: 703-792-8536 (Unmonitored Line at Police Department)
  • Traffic Safety Hotline: 703-792-5919 (Unsafe driving behavoirs, including speeding)

For those who prefer to report online, the “Community Reporting” section of the PWCPD website offers the following options:

  • File a Police Report Online File a police report – eligible offenses are listed on the site – on matters that typically do not require need police follow-up; requires identifying information from person filing report. In the case of an emergency, please call 911.
  • Police Records & Reports – Request a report already on file as part of an ongoing investigation
  • Report Suspicious Activity “See something, say something” reporting; does not require identifying information from person filing report
  • Request Traffic or Neighborhood Monitoring Request additional patrols or traffic monitoring in a neighborhood
  • Submit a Crime Tip Submit information about an unsolved crime for which PD has requested help from the public
  • Vehicle Compliance Program Report possible tax violations to the Finance Department (dead tags, out-of-state registration)

“File a Police Report Online”  is essentially the same as an officer was at your door taking your report, and has the same state-level data collection requirements. For this reason, the link will require the name and other demographic information of the resident reporting the incident. If a resident wishes to make police aware of something and does not require an officer to follow up with them, they can use the “suspicious activity report,” which does not prompt for identifying information. Each of these links send information to the appropriate section of the Police Department for review and processing.