Close up of a sink and a tiled bathroom wall
Service Authority Guidance on Flushing Pipes When Reoccupying Buildings

Prior to reoccupying a commercial building or home that has been vacant for a week or longer, flush stagnant water from pipes in the structure to replenish plumbing with fresh, disinfected water from the distribution system. Flush cold water through all plumbing fixtures (faucets, shower heads, etc.) for at least 15 minutes, starting with the […]

Service Authority’s Routine Spring Flushing Begins This Week

Beginning this week and continuing through mid-June, the Prince William County Service Authority will be conducting its annual spring flushing of the water distribution system. This is a routine maintenance process and is NOT related to the coronavirus pandemic. Each spring, the Service Authority’s drinking water providers—Fairfax Water and the City of Manassas—temporarily change the […]