Take the Recycling Pledge & Win!

Take the Recycling Pledge & Win!

When we keep items out of the landfill by recycling or reusing products, we all win! Now, through Nov. 20, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) is making the “win” tangible in honor of the 25th America Recycles Day on Nov. 15. Take their “I Recycle” pledge for a chance to win prizes. The goal of America Recycles Day is to build consumer demand for recycled products and to educate all Americans about the environmental and economic benefits of recycling. COG wants to make consumers aware of the importance of “Buying Recycled.”

To enter the contest, hosted by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG), complete the online pledge by Nov. 20, 2021.  One lucky adult recycler will win a $300 REI gift certificate, and a second set of prizes will go to a K-12 student: A $300 REI gift certificate and a $500 grant for a recycling or environmental program at their school or elsewhere in the Prince William community. For eight of the past nine years, a Prince William entrant has been among I Recycle prize winners.

Local governments in metropolitan Washington traditionally hold several America Recyles Day events in each fall, but the pandemic may limit events this year.

Prince William County Recycling Notes:

  • Only plastics numbered 1 & 2 are accepted. Please throw away other types of plastic. You may also want to avoid buying plastics that cannot be recycled locally.
  • Never put plastic bags in a recycling container as they will damage recycling equipment; you may take them to most grocery stores for recycling
  • Glass must be brought to a purple bin for recycling; it cannot be recycled curbside. Available at Ferlazzo Building, 234 Landfill, and Balls Ford Compost facility. Residents in Lake Ridge and Occoquan may find it more convenient to take bottles to the Fairfax Recycling Center on Lorton Road.