Targeted Photo Enforcement, A Step Towards Safer Roads

Targeted Photo Enforcement, A Step Towards Safer Roads

Following a three-month study, and committed to making our roads safer, I am proud to have been among the Supervisors who voted to implement a photo enforcement pilot program,  giving us one more tool to combat dangerous driving behaviors in our community. Such programs have been shown to shift driving behaviors over the long term and to free up law officer resources expanding enforcement capabilities. 

The County gave careful consideration to targeting enforcement at eight signalized intersections and eight school zones — including by two schools in the Occoquan District, Woodbridge Senior High and Old Bridge Elementary — as well as one roaming construction zone. Sites were selected based on crash and enforcement data, requests for service, and consultation with school personnel. 

The pilot begins in July. Drivers will have a 30-day grace period during which only warnings will be issued. After that, drivers going 10 mph above the posted speed limit in these zones will be fined $100 and red light infractions will incur a $50 fine. Drivers turning right on red after making a complete stop will not be cited. The estimated startup cost of $850k is expected to be revenue neutral. 

The program would sunset automatically after the one-year trial period unless renewed by the Board. We will use that time to collect and analyze data to determine the future of photo enforcement in Prince William, making any needed adjustments to ensure it is administered as effectively and fairly as possible. 

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