Thank you, Educators

Thank you, Educators

supervisor boddye sits on a carpet with a group of students and is holding a book. The teacher is dressed as the Cat in the HatDear Occoquan District Educators,

During ordinary times, you are already the bedrock of our community. You not only educate our children, but you also care for them, nurture them, console them, model to them good etiquette and habits, and instill in them countless soft and hard skills. During the normal cycle of the school year – and even during the summer – you also serve as mentors and sanctuary for some of our students who may not have either at home.

These are not ordinary times.

Now more than ever, your contributions to our community can be felt. During these extraordinary times, you have continued to teach and nurture our children, you have continued to make yourselves as available as possible, and you have continued to work unworldly hours for the sake of others. You have adapted new skills and approaches to learning without complaint or grievance, and the lives of our students are further enriched for it. It is my hope that many parents, guardians, and other leaders in our community have gained a newfound – but sorely needed – appreciation for everything that you endure and your spirit of selfless service.

The above words do little to truly show my appreciation for everything you have sacrificed, and continue to sacrifice, for the sake of our future. Prince William County is one of the best places to live in no small part because of you, and I hope that this note conveys at least a small part of that truth.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kenny A. Boddye – Occoquan District Supervisor