Today! Strategies for Successful Mixed-Use Development

Today! Strategies for Successful Mixed-Use Development

It’s not too late to sign up for today’s Next Frontier webinar at 2 pm, Strategies for Successful Mixed-Use Development, brought to you by the Prince William County Department of Economic Development and moderated by Supervisor Kenny Boddye.

Communities are based on the social fabric that ties people together. This fabric is enriched when we provide the right mix of housing, education, retail, commercial, and open spaces to welcome a diverse population. That’s where Mixed-Use Districts play a role. Crafted through a rigorous process of public engagement, community planners, stakeholders, civil engineers, and architects, these districts incorporate the placement of parks, trails, schools, single-family homes, multifamily homes, commercial centers, and much more to create a walkable, dynamic neighborhood.

Topics to be discussed:

  • What does a Mixed-Use District look like in suburban areas vs. urban areas?
  • How to facilitate and incorporate public involvement and industry involvement?
  • What are the typical goals when crafting a Mixed-Use District?
  • How specific are the design and density components?
  • How does one balance flexibility and implementation?
  • What type of businesses would find a Mixed-Use District appealing?
  • Navigating the entitlement process, rezoning and special use permits.
  • What about transportation options?
  • What are the industry trends in terms of community design, offices, retail, and residential?


  • Kenneth Boddye, Supervisor, Board of Supervisors, Prince William County, VA


  • Russell Gestl, Principal, Buchanan Partners
  • Jonelle Cameron, Attorney, Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley & Walsh
  • Ryan Porter, Managing Partner, MPact Collective, LLC

Who should attend: Developers, Citizens, Planners, Investors, Employers, Realtors, and those interested in what’s next in Prince William County, Virginia.

Cost: No charge. | Register: Strategies for Successful Mixed-Use Development