Unsheltered and Homeless Resources: Streetlight Ministries

Unsheltered and Homeless Resources: Streetlight Ministries

Our office reached out to County Departments and community partners to collect information regarding resources available for the unsheltered and homeless. StreetLight Community Outreach Ministries provided the following information via email:

During this crisis, StreetLight will continue homeless services which include:

  •  Case Management support with our Outreach Case Manager  (Roger Guzman, StreetLight’s Case Manager for the unsheltered homeless, will continue campsite visits to ascertain needs and to encourage  unsheltered homeless residents to take advantage of mainstream services for food stamps, housing, medicaid, etc.)
  •  StreetLight will continue to operate our Pantry every Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. – Noon, which includes prepared sandwiches, power bars and other food items needed by the homeless.
  •  StreetLight will continue to distribute of critically needed supplies such as propane for cooking, heating, water, and MRE’S.
  •  StreetLight does help with hotel room for homeless families waiting to get into local shelters as well as homeless adults who are ill or at very high risk and too vulnerable to stay in StreetLight’s Overnight Shelter.
  • StreetLight operates the low-barrier shelter for homeless adults in Prince William County.  In cooperation with the County, the shelter was recently moved to a larger location which will enable the homeless guests to practice social distancing.  At the shelter, homeless guests receive a wholesome dinner, showers, case management support and of course, a bed to sleep in overnight.  There are also phone recharging stations set up at the shelter.
  • StreetLight also provides Permanent Supportive Housing, case management and  supportive services to 27 homeless adults.  Three fourths of these clients are medically fragile or disabled.  Two thirds of these units are supported with private donations.  As you can imagine, we are concerned that if this pandemic continues long term, private donations will drop and that we will be unable to continue to support all of our current clientele.

Also, the shelter move to the Ferlazzo Building went very smoothly.  I was very impressed with the team at DSS who literally transformed the Gym at the Ferlazzo Building into a suitable environment for the Overnight shelter residents.  Within two days, the county DSS staff ran additional power into the gym needed for two refrigerators, microwaves, computers, & StreetLight’s 60″ TV.   They also brought in new phone lines, and furnished the facility with ample cots, tables and chairs.  The DSS staff also worked in complete support and cooperation with StreetLight’s team to ensure a smooth transition for our clients.  Cooperative Council of Ministries rallied to inform church partners to bring food to the new location and PRTC is providing transportation for the homeless from the old shelter to and from the new shelter every evening and morning.   Providing this transportation is crucial since the homeless are able to go directly from StreetLight’s Overnight shelter in the morning to the Bill Mehr Drop-In Center which opens 7:00 a.m. in the morning.  Additionally, since we do not have funds to provide a 24/7 shelter for this group of people, many of our patrons have tents located near the old shelter.  The new shelter gives double the amount of space for the homeless to stay.  They seemed quite content the first night.

Rose Powers

Executive Director

StreetLight Community Outreach Ministries