Vaccine Signup Paused Ahead of New Statewide System’s Launch

Vaccine Signup Paused Ahead of New Statewide System’s Launch

In preparation for a new statewide vaccination registration system,  health districts in Virginia, including the Prince William Health District, closed their vaccination waitlist forms on Feb. 12, 2021.

During this time, existing wait lists will be imported into the new system and pre-registration will be temporarily unavailable throughout Virginia. This downtime will be used to import anyone on a local waitlist into the new statewide system, maintaining their current status in the queue.  Pre-registration through the new statewide system, will be available again on Tuesday, Feb. 16.

The new system will provide a comprehensive process for people in Virginia to pre-register for the COVID-19 vaccine, and provide residents with access to a unified call center. The registration system will also correct for issues found in the original Federal VAMS registration system, which did not collect phone numbers and used emails to identify users, leaving no way to uniquely identify household members who shared an email address, or register individuals without an email address.

If you are on the Prince William Health District waitlist, no action is required. Your information will automatically go into the new system. You will also start to receive weekly email updates on vaccine distribution. This system remains separate from the CVS program, which has its own registration process, and is only open to those age 65 or older.

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